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  • Ability to save workspace

    Does anyone know if it is possible to save a 'set' of documents (tabs) so that I can quickly open the workspace and have ALL the documents that were open on the tabs, open again? And from there respective original locations? I work with many projects and each project involves a complex set of documents. It would be FANTASTIC to be able to open one file or workspace in Foxit and have all the correct documents readily available. possible today?

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    Hey Greg, I have LONG been in search of this kind of functionality; unfortunately, I have not been able to find any way to do this kind of workspace/session saving in Foxit or any other PDF reader out there. I, too, have the same situation of working with several different projects concurrently, each with their own (rather large) set of documents. The closest solution I have found is using your browser, with it's fantastic multi-window session management, as a PDF viewer, but then of course you miss out on all of the extra capabilities to work with your documents. Foxit has the foundation for this kind of feature with it's use of tabs and the ability to restore the session of your last open window, it now just needs to expand it over multiple windows. I also really like the idea of having a save file as a consolidated shortcut for a particular set of documents.

    Hopefully someone from Foxit sees this, because I feel like this kind of functionality would give it a great distinction over the competition.


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      Hi Guys,

      Sorry for the delay. Regarding" the session restore to extend across multiple windows", I've forwarded it as suggestion to Reader PM team for processing. Suggesiton ID#: READER-1887. Thank you.


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        Sorry to bump this one, but I find it an essential feature. Has there been any developments?


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          Sorry it is not available yet, once there is any news about it, we will post here, thank you.