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Using FoxIt Reader with VMware Instant Clones

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  • Using FoxIt Reader with VMware Instant Clones


    We are contemplating using FoxIt Reader in our VMware environment instead of Adobe. It will be installed on the Golden Image(s) and used with Instant Clones. I am currently testing this - have installed this on my Test Golden Image, set all of the preferences, etc. and published to my Test Pool (after creating a snapshot of course). I have noticed that each time I grab a new desktop and open FoxIt Reader, I am being asked to register the software and all of the changes I made under Preferences are reverting back to the default settings. For instance, I have turned automatic updates off in the FoxIt software on my image but when I open it on a virtual desktop, it is set back to download updates.

    How do I keep my preferences set for FoxIt for each new desktop that is create?

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    rwulffenstein ,
    Thanks for using Foxit Reader. To make Foxit Reader to not pop-up message which asks user to register,please uninstall your existing Foxit Reader and then install the .msi installer packge of Foxit Reader by downloading it from the link below:

    All of the settings you have made in Preferences are stored in the following registiry for current user only:
    "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 9.0\Preferences"
    That is the reason why preferences are reverting back to the default settingswhen you grab a new desktop.
    You could choose to customize some settings for Foxit Reader for all users by using Foxit XML editor tool, Foxit Customization tool or GPO template.
    For details,please refer to the articles below:


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      Thank you Lisa_lee for this information. This is most helpful.

      Do you happen to know of a way to turn off/disable the Welcome to Foxit window that pops up? I am looking through both the GPO options and the customization wizard but not seeing anything that refers to "Welcome to Foxit". I disabled the Start Page already but there must be something else for the Welcome to Foxit window that appears.
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        Sorry, now it cannot be disabled by GPO options and the customization wizard or xml editor, is it possible for you set it via registry editor?
        If yes, please email to [email protected] with the subject "Lyndi Atten", thanks.


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          lyndi_wu I did receive the Email you sent me but the attachment was blocked by Oulook. Can you tell me what the registry key is OR send it again with a different extension, maybe .zip?


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            I have emailed you the registry key, please check your inbox.