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re-size & save & print individual .pdf pages

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  • re-size & save & print individual .pdf pages

    I have scanned 5 areas of pages of an instruction book as 5 pages of one .pdf. Using Foxit Reader typewriter I have added notes to the pages. Before I print them, I would like to expand the image of some of those areas to make them more readable.

    I can think of messy ways using the scanner & Foxit Reader & Irfan View & finally the printer., but can I do all this in Foxit Reader before printing and if so, how, please?

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    Foxit Reader supports to scan documents, add annotations and print. What do you mean expand the image of some of those areas to make them more readable? Do you want to make the page size bigger? Could you please help to describe it in detail so we can better understand and further advise, thank you.


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      Thx richell. The attachment is the project in question. All the instruction book pages have 2 columns. The images in the project are of only one column i.e. not the original whole page.
      I want to widen them to make more readable and then print. Stop rolling your eyes at my clumsy amateur effort 😉. I am sure you have a better way to suggest and I will learn from it.
      I do not want (or expect) you to do it for me of course .... just give instructions.


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        vur ,I am sorry that we didn't get the attachment you mentioned yet.Would you please help to send it to us again? If it is not convenience to upload it public,please help to email it to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa).