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Foxit Reader 6.1.1 inconsistent in IE9

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  • Foxit Reader 6.1.1 inconsistent in IE9

    I manage many computers and am installing Reader 6.1.1 via script and so far three computers handle PDF's in web pages three different ways.
    1. It opens withing IE like I want it to
    2. It opens reader and displays the PDF
    3. If fails to display the PDF at all giving an error that IE is unable to display the page.

    I have tried the solution in the FAQ, #67.
    To open online PDF files with the Foxit Reader plug-in, do the steps below:
    1.Set Foxit Reader as the default PDF Viewer.
    2.Choose FILE > Preferences > File Associations, and check the option Display PDF in Browser;
    3.Restart the Web Browser.
    It doesn't work. The option in step two isn't there.

    I need this to be consistent across 800+ computers. This occurs in both 64 and 32 bit versions of the OS, all are running IE9. I have also tested the same websites in firefox and it works on every computer, but i need it to work in both browsers.
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