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Foxit PDF printer gone after Foxit Reader upgrade

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  • Foxit PDF printer gone after Foxit Reader upgrade

    I was recently prompted to upgrade my free Foxit Reader. I believe that it was yesterday. I am now at version Now my Foxit PDF printer is gone.

    Is this supposed to happen?

    It means that the free Foxit Reader no longer provides the ability to print to PDF, and that's the reason why I installed it.

    I just tried uninstalling Foxit Reader, downloading the current installer from Foxit, and reinstalling. The resulting version is the same as above. Still no PDF printer.

    Can anyone say whether they have the same problem? That would let me better guess whether it's just a problem with my local environment or whether the free reader really excludes the PDF printer now.

    I am using Windows 10.
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    FOXIT READER Version 10 deliberately REMOVED THE PRINT TO PDF function. Really a BAD idea. See the JPG of the Update Message I got when considering an upgrade. FOXIT has a history of having security holes they patch with updates ... something we all want. For now, I risk using FOXIT READER to review PDFs as I really need the print to PDF function. Foxit needs to reinstall this function now on a currently secure version. .
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      Well, that's a nail in the coffin. I only ended up using Foxit because of its PDF printing.

      I think it's very revealing how they stealthily removed it without any regard of the impact. Why on earth would I trust Foxit again in the future? I'm not a glutton for punishment.


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        JustaFoxitUser There is notification when user upgrade Foxit to latest version 10 and the related information also shown in Foxit website:
        Hope you can understand.


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          What a really bizarre decision. I certainly didn't spot any kind of notification when I just upgraded but it has cost me about 15 minutes of my time trying to work out if I'd done something wrong because it talked about a 14-day trial of Phantom. So I shut down, rebooted, uninstalled and then re-installed because, doh, I just didn't think they'd remove such a frequently used feature. I know it's free but I do recommend PDF apps to clients (like right now a client is thinking of moving from paid Nitro Pro) and tactics like this harm your reputation...

          Not a huge thing because I only tend to print to PDF from Office and that can quite easily export to PDF.


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            I'm new in the forums, originally I just wanted to see, whether somebody else also experienced my issue , that 'Foxit Printer' has been vanished! Now I see, that it's not a bug or flaw, it's volitional, what a weird idea!

            One of the absolutely best features they provided with this application is gone, I guess, it's probably time to look for a replacement.

            Bye bye Foxit Reader . ?


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              It is a bummer that they have removed the Print to PDF. I do like the Foxit PDF reader because it seems a light program than Adobe PDF Reader. Since they have incorporated the Print to PDF this is what I've been recommending to friends and clients or installs as default for a PDF reader.

              Here's your alternative - If you still like the Foxit Reader with Print to PDF install the 9.7x series. Before installing remove yourself from the internet and block the "Reader" from going out again to the internet, this is done with your Firewall in Windows 10, the same as Windows 7. If you don't want to be bothered with Firewall - Windows 10 has a built-in Print-To-PDF. Or CutePDF Writer and other PDF out there with a PDF printer, like user "munrobasher" mentioned the Nitro Program.


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                I noticed the same issue yesterday. Also missing is the button to create a blank PDF page to paste images to. I have been using Foxit PDF Reader as my primary PDF tool and find the measurement and editing tools very useful for my business along with printing dimensioned and annotated plans to plan size PDF's to distribute. The solution I found today was to completely uninstall version 10.0.0 after searching and finding version 9.7.2 online ( and scanning it with Norton to confirm it wasn't some crapware before reinstalling it. All is good again!


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                  munrobasher B_big! I have forwarded your feedback to QA team for checking by ID#PHANTOM-14556. Currently, you can install version 9.7.2 of Foxit reader to get back Foxit Printer, tks


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                    Disappointing to see the Foxit PDF Printer option has been removed as I use that quite a bit. It is very useful as it opens the PDF directly into Foxit so I can check it etc

                    Went to print out a webpage this morning and found it had gone and ended up here. Looks like will need to track down a version 9 and replace version 10 with or find an alternatative PDF printer. I wont have Acrobat anywhere near my system! Seems a very odd decision and hopefully it will reappear in the future.

                    Update: Deleted version 10 and downloaded & installed 9.7.2. disabled automatic updates!!
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                      Version 10 really stinks!
                      I uninstalled and then reinstalled version 9. It's easy to find . Just Google "Download Foxit Reader version 9" and you'll find a few websites offering it. Don't forget to completely uninstall the version 10 before reinstalling version 9. After installing go to preferences and select "do not automatically download and install updates" otherwise you'll soon find yourself back with version 10.
                      Hope this helps.


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                        nickb and Eric The Red

                        I've forwarded you guys' comments to Report ID#PHANTOM-14556 for our Product Management Team's further processing. For now, if you'd like to have the CreatePDF related features back, you may uninstall Foxit Reader 10.0 then install version 9.7.2 back or install Foxit PhantomPDF software. Foxit PhantomPDF includes the CreatePDF features.
                        If you don't have the download link of Foxit Reader 9.7.2, you write to Foxit Support team from our ticket submission center to get the direct download link;
                        If you'd like to download Foxit PhantomPDF and give it a try, you may access this web page from Foxit to download:

                        Thank you.
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                          Thanks for letting FoxIt know. Please also remind them that there are countless places where notification can be put but not noticed. It's very easy to make a warning of the lost PDF printing noticable, if they wanted to.


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                            FWIW, I just used the Feedback function to complain about this and the minimal notice given to the loss of this major function. Perhaps if they get deluged, they'll change their mind. Until then, I'll just enable Microsoft Print to PDF (Windows 10 feature). Frankly, I find that the open in Reader after printing feature in Foxit Print to PDF is as much an annoyance as a useful feature.


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                              JustaFoxitUser ,Actually,for all users who are using Foxit Reader below V10,they all would receive the message regarding PDF Creation is not available in V10 when they check for updates with Foxit Reader or install updates for Foxit Reader or install V10 to overwrite older version.
                              For users who overwrite install Foxit Reader 10.0 over the old version (version before 10.0), once the installation of 10.0 starts, it would prompt user that the PDF Creation feature has been removed from 10.0,then Users can decide whether to cancel the new installation, or continue installing 10.0,please refer to screenshot:11.png。
                              For users who update application through "Check for Update",it mentions "PDF Creation feature is removed from 10.0" in the update description,so when users try to upgrade to 10.0, they will receive info that PDF Creation feature has been removed from 10.0,please refer to attached screenshot:22.png.

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