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Foxit PDF printer gone after Foxit Reader upgrade

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    I will forward your comment to our team, and we highly apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you.

    When check for updates with Foxit Reader or install updates for Foxit Reader or install V10 to overwrite older version, you will get the message as the attached screenshot on the the removal of Foxit creator.
    Foxit creator component has been removed in Foxit Reader 10 since our product marketing team redefined the purposes of Foxit Reader,it is mainly used to view PDF files,so the creating PDFs feature was deleted,the Foxit Reader 10 release no longer supports the create PDF feature, which includes Foxit Reader PDF Printer, Foxit Creator add-ins for Office, scan to PDF feature, and creating stamp with image.

    If this capability is required for your workflows, may I advise you to try the workaround?
    You can uninstall Foxit Reader V10 and install back Foxit Reader V9.7.2 which is the last version with Foxit creator feature contained. Following is link for downloading Foxit Reader V9.7.2:

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      Originally posted by SiliconChip View Post
      Since Foxit Reader PDF Printer is a component that can only be installed if the user selects it, Foxit has no rights to remove a printer from user's OS without their consent!
      On top of that, asking users to downgrade their Foxir Reader version is not wise either. Shame Shame Shame....

      So, for anyone looking to use Foxit Reader PDF Printer with Foxit Reader 10.x, you have an easy solution: Backup your computer printers! 😉
      Here you have a step by step guide (tested with Windows 10 only):

      01) Launch Registry Editor (Start > Run > Regedit)
      02) Browse till the following location:
      Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\ or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\
      03) Right click on "Foxit Software" > Export > Ensure that "Selected branch" is selected and save it as "FoxitReader 10 Registry Backup.REG"
      04) Close Registry Editor, uninstall any Foxit Reader versions installed in your computer and restart Windows.
      05) Open Registry Editor again and delete any "Foxit Reader" key folder under:
      06) Close Registry Editor, launch Windows Explorer and delete any "Foxit" folders in:
      C:\Program Files\
      C:\Program Files (x86)\
      07) Reinstall "Foxit Reader" and ensure that PDF Printer option is selected.
      08) Once installed verify if "Foxit Reader PDF Printer" was added to your printers. If not, you must reinstall Foxit Reader again.
      09) Only if "Foxit Reader PDF Printer" is present, open Printer Migration wizard (Start > Run > PrintBrmUi.exe). 
      NOTE: Windows 10 Home doesn't have PrintBrmUI.exe. Search google for "" and download the file.
      10) Choose Export Printer > This print server > NEXT > click browse > choose a location to export printer data and press NEXT 11) Launch Foxit Reader and upgrade it to version 10.x or execute Foxit Reader 10.x install file 12) Launch Registry Editor, browse till the below location, and rename "Foxit Reader 10.0" to "Foxit Reader 10.0.OLD": HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\ 13) Launch Printer Migration wizard again and this time choose Import Printer. In Import Mode, change to "Overwrite existing printers" and complete the wizard. 14) Double click "FoxitReader 10 Registry Backup.REG" you created earlier and merge/import it to Registry.

      Hope this helps most of you 😎

      So, I at last thought to try this fix, as I have since upgraded to a new laptop, but it didn't work!
      I did everything up to 14, but if I choose "FoxitReader 10 Registry backup.REG" it tells me that there are no printer records in there, so I tried to restore from the export file I made in 10. That however, lead to the following errors:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Cant restore Foxit Reader 1.png
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Size:	135.1 KB
ID:	180420 Click image for larger version

Name:	Cant restore Foxit Reader 2.png
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ID:	180421Click image for larger version

Name:	Cant restore Foxit Reader 3.png
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ID:	180422Click image for larger version

Name:	Cant restore Foxit Reader 4.png
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Size:	125.2 KB
ID:	180423Click image for larger version

Name:	Cant restore Foxit Reader 5.png
Views:	251
Size:	151.3 KB
ID:	180424Where did I go wrong - Foxit Reader PDF printer is now nowhere to be found, and what am I suppose to do with the Backup that I made?

      Any help will be appreciated!


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        I need to add to the previous post:

        I also have tried Microsoft Print to PDF, but the resultant file that I get from that is more than double that I get when using Foxit. I, of course, tested this before once again updating to 10.0 and the printer disappearance.


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          Originally posted by TheSeamstresS View Post
          I need to add to the previous post:

          I also have tried Microsoft Print to PDF, but the resultant file that I get from that is more than double that I get when using Foxit. I, of course, tested this before once again updating to 10.0 and the printer disappearance.
          Hi there,

          try using Print Management instead:

          1) In the RUN type: printmanagement.msc

          2) Right click Print Management on left panel > Migrate Printers... > Import printer... > Browse to the folder where you have the *.printerExport backup file > Next > Keep This printer server... > Import mode = Overwrite existing printers | List = List all printers | untick convert LPR > Next

          3) This time should complete with no errors > Finish

          4) On left pane, expand Printer Servers > %computername% (local) > Printers

          5) Foxit Reader PDF should be listed now

          Good luck,



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            It does look like the team at FoxIt have really messed up here. For my personal system, I have been using FoxIT Reader for circa 10 years - changing from Avanquest ExpertPDF when I encountered problems reading PDFs and decided that I didn't need the full function PDF "creation" capabilities when upgrading to Windows 7.

            I suspect one of the things causing problems is that to many people Convert/Print to PDF (save to file) isn't perceived as PDF Creation; if they want to do PDF creation then they would be using a PDF editor. Hence seeing a message "PDF Creation is not available" would not cause them to think that the Print to PDF functionality had been removed.

            What I find amazing is on Windows 7 - which does not have a PDF printer, is that FoxIT updated and removed the PDF printer, when it could easily have left the printer intact and just updated the application. Yes the v9.7 printer (see comment #28 above) will install alongside an existing v10 install, the only incompatibility seems to be that the printer doesn't automatically get FoxIt to open the newly created PDF print file. I seem to remember that originally the PDF Printer was a separate install and FoxIT encouraged people to install the Reader as it combined an Adobe Acrobat Reader substitute and PDF Printer as a single install package...

            Interestingly, looking at Phantom etc. it is clear FoxIT have fully depreciated the Print to PDF function - doesn't warrant a mention on the product pages, especially when you compare it to Nitro [ ] who are making much of the limitations of the PDF printer bundled with Windows 10. Given the limitations of the Windows PDF Printer and the absence of a supported PDF Printer in FoxIT it does look like I will have to look elsewhere to satisfy my PDF needs.


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              Roland6 ,Thanks for your post to give us your feedback. I have already collected your feedback to our product team as well with report ID#PHANTOM-14556.