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Foxit Reader - Opening Multiple PDF files in Multiple "One Instances"

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  • Foxit Reader - Opening Multiple PDF files in Multiple "One Instances"

    I know there's an option to "Allow multiple instances".

    I want to be able to open multiple instances of Foxit Reader, that have multiple files open in each. The problem with "Allow multiple instances", is, e.g., when I select 3 PDF files, press enter to then open them, Foxit Launches 3 different windows, when I only wanted one window with the 3 files open in it.

    With allowing only one instance, all PDF files are open in the same window, but I can have only one window.

    Is there an option where I can select multiple files, have them open in the same window, then do the same for more Foxit Reader windows?

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    GaXve Since Foxit reader has already support to tear tab into individually, you can uncheck option "Allow multiple instances". As a result, when you select 3 PDF files, press enter to open and Foxit will launches only ONE window with 3 tabs. then you can choose any tab to tear and it will be opened in a single window. That is much flexible. Can you please have a try?


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      Thanks amanda_liang, that works, no problem. It just adds unnecessary steps. Ideally, I would like to select multiple files at a time, and each time have only one window open with the selected files opened (e.g. Window 1 opens with 3 files, Window 2 opens with 10 files, Window 3 opens with 7 files, etc.). I work in engineering and I often find myself opening multiple instances of lists of PDF files (for comparisons, reviews, etc.).

      By the by, I have a parallel question. Is it possible to select multiple tabs in Foxit (to tear them out and create a new window, or move them to another Foxit window)?



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        Currently it is not supported to right-click to select multiple PDF documents in one instance, then right-click another set of selected documents to open in another instance. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#:PHANTOM-14588: Support to open different sets of multiple selected PDF documents in different instances.
        Also, it is not supported to tear out multiple tabs to an independent new window, only one tab is supported for now. I've forwarded this request as suggestion as well for processing. Suggestion ID#:PHANTOM-14587: Support to tear multiple tabs out in Foxit to create a new window.
        We'll update the processing status here, or you may email to [email protected] with this Suggestion ID# to track the processing status.

        Thank you in advance.


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          Awesome, Thanks!