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PDF Sign missing from Foxit Reader 10

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  • PDF Sign missing from Foxit Reader 10

    I just upgraded to Foxit Reader 10 on one laptop. I was using 9.2 and still have that on another computer. When I click Protect in the upgraded version PDF Sign is no longer an option. It is still there in the old version. I just told a friend to install Foxit Reader and I would tell him how to set up a signature from an image. If he downloads the current version it doesn't look like that is available...or if it is I can't find it. If I click Fill & Sign the signatures I created in the old version are still visible, but can be used only if there is a fillable field in the PDF.

    Is there a way to get PDF Sign back on the ribbon if someone just wants to use it to add a signature to a basic PDF file?

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    I noticed the advise in the post Foxit Reader 10 like a scratched disc! and gave it a try, uninstalling the Foxit Reader and clearing the Regedit entries. The link to the older version didn't work for me, so rebooted, downloaded version 10 again, and installed it. After doing that I lost all my old signatures, but could add a new one in Fill & Sign and can add it to a PDF even if it doesn't have a signature field. So I think this problem is solved.


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      Steve Lambert and all,

      Since version 10.0, the "PDF Sign" option has been moved to under "Fill&Sign" menu. The signature files are stored in "C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\InstaSign", next time if you'd like to perform an uninstallation, you may back up this folder first, then copy it back after the installation of the new version.

      BTW, For major version upgrade (E.g. From version 7.x to version 8.x), if you choose not to remove all Foxit Software's related registry and data during uninstallation, Foxit Reader/Foxit PhantomPDF will retain the signatures that you've created. If we choose to remove related registry and data, the signatures will not be retained after the new installation.
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