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Foxit Reader: How to control the font size when filling in a PDF?

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  • Foxit Reader: How to control the font size when filling in a PDF?

    I'm filling out a form in Foxit Reader and the areas for numbers has a decimal place and because the font is too small its spills over into the next field. Is there any way of enlarging the fillable font size in Foxit Reader? I know PhantomPDF can remedy this problem but I was wondering if maybe I can fix it in Foxit Reader.

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    I'm wondering with which tool you tried to fill out the field.
    1) If you used Typewriter tool:
    To change the text color typed with typewriter tool in Foxit Reader or PhantomPDF, you may go under "Comment"->"Typewriter"->when you place the cursor on the page, you'll see a new menu named "Comment Format" next to "Help" menu. You can change the color then input new text. For the text already input, you may need to double-click on the text then drag to select the text then click on color change icon to change color. (BTW, the program will remember the color you've changed to and set it as new default so you don't have to change the color every time.Or you may right-click on the text input with typewriter and click "Set Current Properties as Default".)
    2) If it is an interactive form and you simply click on the field to type in:
    You may open the PDF form in Foxit PhantomPDF, then go to Form->Text Field->then right-click on the filed to open "Properties" then change the font size there.

    Hope info above helps.Thank you.