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Pinned documents disappear from list of recent files

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  • Pinned documents disappear from list of recent files

    Here is the strange behaviour of Foxit Reader since I started using it years ago.

    Enclosed are 5 registry files (do not double-clic on them or you will loose all your recent files ?. Edit them instead if you want to see their contents) :
    1. After having pinned 2 documents I want to keep as favorites "forever". The pinned documents have "[F000000001]" in front of their name in the registry key. All other recent files have "[F000000000]" in front of their name.
    2. After opening 47 other files, my two favorites are now documents 48 & 49.
    3. After opening a 48th file, my two favorites are documents 49 & 50.
    4. After opening a 49th file, my first favorite is gone.
    5. After opening a 50th file, I have no favorite anymore.

    What is the use of pinned documents that vanishes as soon as you have opened a few other documents ? Nowadays, everything is a pdf file. Pricelist, invoice, documentation, letters. I open at least 50 different documents every week but there are documents I want to keep at hand. And that seems impossible.

    For sure, somebody will tell me this is "by design". For me, either it is a design flaw or it is a bug.

    Does anybody know how to solve that problem ? I received no answer from Foxit Software (or maybe they are all asleep).

    Thanks for helping.
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    Thank you for posting here and sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue and we have reported it to my team for future improvement, report id:QCPHANTOM-20079, any update, we will keep you informed, thank you.


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      So, a year later, and still no resolution?


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        kanderson The issue still being checked and has not update for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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          I am also finding this rather frustrating. Pinning makes working efficient; the bug dashes expectations and makes it frustrating. It would be better to remove the feature (much to my dismay though) than not to fix it.


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            Aliby Sorry for the inconvenience. Your feedback was forwarded to our team for checking, any update will inform you. thanks.


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              Any update? I'm currently on Version:


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                @SR The requirement still being evaluated by our team and has not update for now, Sorry for that.