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Impossible to use Microsoft Surface pen with a size line lower than 2!

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  • Resolved Impossible to use Microsoft Surface pen with a size line lower than 2!

    For few times, I am no more able to decrease under 2 the size of the pen when I'm using my Microsoft Surface pen.
    What is strange is that if I select for example size 0.25, the line drawn with the mouse or with a finger (touch screen) appears with a 0.25 size but when I'm writing with the Surface Pen, it appears like a size 2 and if I check the dopdown list, the size 2 is selected.
    Other thing strange is that after selecting 0.25, if I alternate drawing line with mouse and pen, all lines from the mouse are at the size 0.25 and all lines drawn with the pen are in size 2.
    There is no problem if I select a size over than 2, it seems like I can't use anymore the stylus under the size 2 (it was still possible recently).
    Do someone also noticed something like this?
    Thank you for your feedback.

    Win 10 Enterprise 64bits, built 1909, Foxit Reader Version :
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    Please go to File->Preferences->Tablet->Uncheck "Enable pressure sensitive" and see if it helps. Thank you.


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      On my Foxit version I just have "activate touch function" and not "Enable pressure sensitive" under Tablet menu. Maybe an issue in menu language translation
      However, thanks it seems to work again now. As it was working before, I assure that a Microsoft or Foxit update makes this option activated by default. Now, the pressure of Surface Pen is no more taken in account (that don't bother me) and thinner lines are allowed when I'm writing with the pen (although it is still stucked at 2 in the dropdown menu ??).
      Thank you for your help.
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