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Windows task bar won't unhide

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  • Windows task bar won't unhide

    When FoxIt Reader is maximized, the hidden Windows 10 task bar won't unhide when the mouse is moved to it. I have to minimize the reader to unhide the task bar. This must be a bug as I haven't found any other app to do this unless it is waiting for input.
    Using FoxIt Reader Version:

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    The Windows task bar could unhide when the mouse is moved to when Foxit Reader 10.0 is maximized on my side. Could you please try to clear the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software" and see if it helps? Thank you.

    BTW, The registry editor could be opened via input Regedit.exe in the Windows search bar.
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      Sorry this took so long. I don't get email notifications of replies.
      That registry folder has lots of sub-folders. Is there a specific entry I need to clear? If not, how do I clear the entire Foxit Software folder?


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        ellaryk ,Thanks for your reply. Please right click on the "Foxit Software" this folder under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software" and select "Delete" option in the pop-up context menu to delete the entire Foxit Software folder there to see if it helps?


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          That appears to have fixed the problem. Thank you.