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  • move foxit software auto-created folder

    Every time I open Foxit Reader, it creates a Foxit software folder in My documents, but I would like it to be moved to a special 'documents for apps' folder I have especially created in another location (I moved my 'My documents' location through the folder's properties, and all other programs create their dedicated folders there without exception). I haven't found any option to do this in the program's preferences, any suggestions?

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    As I am still looking for a solution to this problem, I was searching on Google and found this post, only to be disappointed when I saw it was a post of my own which I had forgotten all about... is it truly possible that there is no easy solution to this? I know it might be a trivial issue--shouldn't that make it all the simpler to solve?
    Thanks for any suggestions!


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      Sorry for missing your post. Which version of Foxit Reader do you use now? Could you please make a screenshot of the Foxit Reader folder in your document to us for a closer look?


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        Hi, I know this is ridiculously late, but I wasn't notified about your response--I'll have to review my forum settings; anyhow, as a few updates to Foxit Reader were deployed since my original message, it seems that the issue is resolved, as there is no more Foxit folder in undesired locations (I guess now it is created in the system root/user/appdata folder).
        Thanks for replying anyway, and sorry if I disappeared on you when you were trying to help! Ciao!


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          Thanks for the update. In the future, if you need quick update, you may email to [email protected] any time. Thank you.