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processes not closing when closing window under Linux Fedora 31

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  • Bug processes not closing when closing window under Linux Fedora 31

    HI I am using Foxit 2.44.0911
    when closing the windows of Foxit multiple process remain.
    If I try to edit a new document without killing them, the window just freeze after a few seconds action and I am not able to save my work if I was filling a form or adding comment on a regular pdf.
    If I was just reading, not able to scroll or do any action anymore.
    It occurs with every pdf I tested with, and also if I open the Foxit windows without pdf and close it, process remains and prevents normal next use.

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    Is it possible to use your phone to record how you reproduce the problem so we could escalate it for taking a closer look at? Thank you.


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      I can even desktop record, but send this were ?


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        jppialasse ,We apologize for the inconvenience.This issue "when close the program (file, close) the process somehow hangs in the background." you reported has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system with report ID#MACLNX-5064.
        However,it must be mentioned that our developers have stopped developing further version for existing Foxit Reader for Linux.Our product management team will plan to redesign a brand-new powerful of Foxit Reader for linux which will be based on existing Foxit Reader for windows desktop ,it will be a substitute version of current one.
        So I am afraid that this issue won't be fixed before we release the brand-new version.