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Delete paper formats that are not important

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  • FAQ Delete paper formats that are not important

    Hello there,

    I would like to delete paper formats from the Foxit Reader PDF Printer.

    For example: I'm printing PDF's with Foxit. My main format is "DIN-A0" (A german format)
    So everytime I want to print this, foxit picks the paper format "ARCH E".
    So each time I have to search all paper formats for the format "DIN-A0" and select it.

    Now I just want to delete the format "ARCH E" in hopes that the Foxit reader will instantly pick the format "DIN-A0".

    Is there a way to delete the paper formats, and if, how?

    Thanks very much for each answer

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    N.Gramberg ,You could choose to delete the paper size from your workstation: (Take window10 OS as an example)
    Steps 1 through 4 of the following instructions take place from your workstation's desktop and not from within Foxit Printer.
    1.Click the Windows Start button, then click 'Devices and Printers'.
    2.Select any printer by clicking on it.
    3.Click 'Print Server Properties' in the tool bar at the top of the window to open the 'Print Server Properties' window.
    4.In the 'Print Server Properties' window,under the "Forms" tab,please select the paper that you want to delete there and click on "Delete"button there to delete it.

    You may also use the tool PaperFilter to delete some papers by doing as follows:
    1: Download 'PaperFilter.rar' from the link below:

    Uncompress this .rar file to get 'PaperFilter.exe' tool.
    2. Run PaperFilter.exe,it will list all papers on your computer.Select the papers you do not need from All Papers list, click on the button '>' to move them to Ignored Papers list.
    3. After that, please click on button Export Profile to export the configuration files named 'FoxitPaperFilter.ini'.
    4. Then save the FoxitPaperFilter.ini into the installation directory "Foxit PhantomPDF(or Foxit Reader)\plugins\Creator".


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      First of all thx for the answer.

      I've done the steps you explained, but it didn't worked.

      I used the Paper Filter program and placed the file in the folder you told me (see picture) but every format is still there.

      And you're first explanation isn't working. I can't delete any paper format in the printer-properties. I can just add a custom paper format. (See picture. It's german, but on the right panel you can see "Seitengröße" for paperformat. There are all paper formats. The button underneath there (Benutzerdefnierte Seitengröße) opens the panel on the left site. There I can add a custom format or delete a custom format. But I cant delete a given paper format.

      Thx for help and sorry for bad englisch


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        N.Gramberg Thanks for your response. For the first method that I mentioned,would you please help to refer to animated gif file (how to1.gif) which could be downloaded from the link below and follow the instructions there step by step on your part to see if it works on your part:

        I have also tried to filter some papers with the PaperFilter.exe tool,it also doesn't work on my part.For this situation ,it has been submitted to our QA team to further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-25585 ,we will keep you informed for any updates about it.


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          Thanks for the quick answer.

          Now it worked. I followed your tutorial from the GIF. First time I was trying it in the wrong settings-area.

          Just one more question: Why am I not allowed to delete all formats. At some formats the "delete" button is greyd out, so I cant delete this format.
          Because now I've got the problem, that it picks some wierd format instead of the format "DIN-A1" ( Format DIN-A0 is working now, now format "DIN-A1 is doing problems ^^)

          Thank you very much!
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            N.Gramberg ,
            Thanks for your response. Some papers are system default paper-forms which are part of the printer drivers,they can not be deleted from printer server properties dialog box. Following are some posts from other websites about how to delete them for your reference:
            Click here
            Click here.
            If the mentioned posts still don't help you,we suggest you contact with Microsoft support for help on this.

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