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It freezes if I have only 4 or 5 PDFs open and try to save something

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  • It freezes if I have only 4 or 5 PDFs open and try to save something

    When I make new bookmarks to the PDF file and try to save it, and it happens that I have 4 or 5 PDFs open at the same time, it freezes and the wheel starts spinning, so I have force quit it.

    I'm using a Mac.

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    Could you please let us know the following info?
    1) Version number of your Foxit Reader for Mac;
    2) Go to the following directory to send us the logs if there's any:
    /Users/foxit/Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader/Log/Foxit Reader Startup.log
    /Users/foxit/Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/Foxit Reader/Log/Foxit efficiency.log
    3) Can you reproduce the problem every time you perform the same?
    4) Your OS info.
    Thank you.


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      2) Where should you paste to get there?
      3) yes
      4) Mojave


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        Could you please update your Foxit Reader for Mac to version 4.0 and see if the update helps?

        If not, please refer to the following to enable the log:
        Go to Foxit Reader->About Foxit Reader then click "Foxit Reader" in the About dialog five times (At least), then it will pop up a dialog, then check "Enable log", then restart the software to take effect. (See attached)

        Also, is it possible to use your phone to record the process you tried to reproduce the issue? Thank you.
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