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Foxit unable to delete temp file ("~~")

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  • Foxit unable to delete temp file ("~~")

    Hello! So I've had this bug for about a year but never got around to fixing it, couldn't find anything on the web...

    Recently two forum posts have shown up here about the exact same issue, and from what I can gather, this bug stems from Avast doing something stupid and not letting Foxit auto-delete the temporary file that starts with "~~": &

    So I got around to adding the Foxit Software folder to the Avast exceptions, because that method fixed another Avast bug (with Android Studio).

    However, the same thing still happens. I can't exactly turn off my antivirus every time I open up a PDF, especially considering how annoying Windows 10 gets, so any ideas or workarounds are much appreciated 😔👏🏻

    (No, I don't use OneDrive or Dropbox or anything like that, I have no network drive; and the temp file shows up in the same folder as the original, regardless of where it is.)

    - FOXIT Reader Version:
    - The issue occurs in every PDF file, gotten from the web or made in my PC or pendrive
    - My OS: Windows 10 Pro, but also happens in my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate
    - It happens whether I open the file with a click or via the Foxit "Open" menu

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    Sorry that it has not been fixed yet, and we don't have any workaround right now. we have already submitted it to our QA team with report ID#QCPHANTOM-23390.Once there is any fix is available for this issue,I will keep you informed.


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      OK, thank you!


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        Your issue has been submitted to the case QCPHANTOM-25236, may I know the detailed name and the version of Avast you use?



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          ok, see attachment below for full specs


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            aboxinspace ,Thanks for sending the screenshot with the requested information that we asked for. We have forwarded this screenshot to our QA team already.
            Once there is any new progress about this issue,we will keep you informed.