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Foxit Reader Check for Updates Does Not Complete

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  • Foxit Reader Check for Updates Does Not Complete

    I'm seeing a problem after updating to Foxit Reader under Windows 7. Help -> 'Check for Updates Now' will open the Foxit Reader Updater dialog. The progress bar rapidly proceeds to about 2/3 but then the update stalls and the progress bar shows no further progress. Even after waiting 2 hours. This isn't a transient problem, I've seen it for at least the last week.

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      my advice would be to uninstall build and use an earlier version, like 6.0 or 5.4.5.. i also would advise you to never use foxit's updater..

      have you noticed any other bugs in build try opening it, then closing it, then opening it again.. as far as i know, build does not close properly and, so, if you close it and then try to reopen it, it won't reopen.. again, the solution is to uninstall build and use an earlier version, instead..

      i don't know why foxit has not pulled build from distribution, after people have complained endlessly about the innumerable bugs in the program, and, after innumerable patches, it still is all screwed up.. it seems that everyone at foxit is on a 6 month vacation..

      personally, i am using build which can be downloaded from ""..


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        Hi Guys,

        The updater hanging problem has been reported to Foxit bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 54087. If possible, could you please help to provide the following info to [email protected] for helping us debug this issue?
        1) UpdaterInfo.xml file that located in the installation folder of Foxit Reader; (By default it is: "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader")
        2) Rename the extension of FoxitUpdater.exe as FoxitUpdater.exe12 and send to us; and Check the version info of your Foxit Reader;
        3) Did you use version 6.0.x before? Can you update successfully from with version 6.0.x?
        4) Where are you located?


        For the program does not close properly issue, could you please go to 'Control Panel'->'Add/Remove Programs' to check if you have Cloud Reading installed? If you did, please uninstall it and see if it helps. Thank you.


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          Installed current release.
          Uninstalled Cloud Reading.
          Updater still hangs.


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            Hi Catweasle,

            If possible, please help to provide the info I mentioned above to [email protected] so we could further investigate this issue. Thank you.