I use pdfsharp (http://www.pdfsharp.com/PDFsharp/) to create PDF documents. To ensure accurate size reproduction, I wish to have the documents printed with no scaling, or at least have the print properties dialog scaling option initially set to 'Do Not Scale' or similar so that should the document be printed silently (using command line arguments to specify the PDF file and printer name which FoxIt Reader does nicely), then the requested Do-Not-Scale option takes effect.

To this end I used a suggestion on the pdfsharp forum (http://forum.pdfsharp.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=936#p6225) which in effect gets the string "/Enforce(PrintScaling)/PrintScaling/None" stored into the document's PdfViewerPreferences section.

I have verified that when such a document is opened in Adobe Reader X (10.1.9), the default scaling option in the print properties dialog is correctly preset to 'Actual size', whereas without the setting in the PDF file, it defaults to 'Fit'.

However, when opened in Foxit Reader (, the Scale option is preset to 'Fit to printer margins' rather than 'None' as I would expect.

A zip file containing:
  • some screenshots of the print dialogs described above,
  • two PDF files (one with the NoScaling option set and one without), and
  • a minimal VS2010 C# application to create these PDF files
can be found at