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Remember Adjusted Navigation Panel Width on Close(for new documents)

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  • Feature Remember Adjusted Navigation Panel Width on Close(for new documents)

    1) Unless I am not seeing the setting, the navigation panel on the left does not by default, nor is there an option to, remember the width once the application is closed. When opening new documents, the panel takes up the default width and has to be changed each time. For someone(me) who opens hundreds of new documents a day in a vertically oriented monitor(super for reading documents), this is quite bothersome.

    2) Icing on the cake would be an option to hide the navigation panel icons while still keeping the selected tool open. Space is precious.

    3) (Minor) In the print dialog, when in the copies input, pressing enter does not print.

    Overall this is a fantastic reader! Keep up the good work.

    OS: Windows 10
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    Thank you for your feedback, please read below my replies.
    1. Please run Foxit Reader and go to File->Preferences->History->uncheck 'Restore last view settings when reopening' option, then try to set it again, it should help.
    2. You can choose to hide Navigation Panel or not, if it is hidden, the Navigation Panel icons are not shown, if you choose to show the Navigation Panel, the icons like bookmarks/pages should be shown, I am not quite understanding why you want to hide them when Navigation Panel is enabled.
    3. It has been forwarded to our PM team for future evaluation, suggestion ID:PHANTOM-14893, hope it will be implemented in future release.


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      Regarding #1:
      - That is how I have it set up. That of course disables the ability to remember settings for individual documents, which is what I want as well.

      Regarding #2:
      - In my case, the idea is to have the bookmark thumbnails be shown, but the icons on the sidebar not be shown as they take up valuable space on the screen. I do not use any of the other tools on that sidebar, so I do not need to have them displayed for navigation.

      Regarding #3:
      - Thank you!

      - When opening a new document, whichever navigation panel tool was selected on previous close will be in view and previous width/expand/collapse remembered. All of these actions would be done with document history disabled of course. The navigation icons will have an option to be hidden and or auto hidden until mouse hover. Action on mouse hover might be annoying with desktop left side task bars so option to hide would be the preferable of the two.
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        If the option "Restore last view settings when reopening" is checked under "Preferences" , Reader will read the "Page layout" and "Magnification" and 'Navigation Panel' settings opened last time and display accordingly, so the option should be unchecked.
        Your second request has been forwarded to our PM team for future consideration, suggestion ID:PHANTOM-2969.


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          Summary of #1:

          Need a setting to remember the width of the navigation panel used in the last session that is independent of documents.


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            MGP ,Thanks for your reply. If you have the option"Restore last view settings when reopening"checked under "History" tab in prefereneces dialog box,then when you reopen the PDF files which have been opened in Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader on the same computer before,the navigation panels displayed in those PDF files will be exactly the same as when they were opened last time.

            If you want to set a default navigate panel width for opening new PDF document which has never been opened before,I am sorry that Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader does't have this function yet. Regarding this situation,I have submitted the suggestion"Support to set navigation panel width under page display tab in preferences dialog box" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-9152.