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[] Loss of "Browse" Feature When Searching 'All PDF documents in'

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  • [] Loss of "Browse" Feature When Searching 'All PDF documents in'

    It appears that there's no longer the 'Browse...' option in the popup menu to select a folder to search for the 'All PDF documents in' feature. That's a real loss of functionality for me! Any chance of getting this back? Has a bug/feature restore request been submitted?

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    Correction: this option is only missing if the current tab is the Start tab. Definitely a bug!


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      Hi Jwq,

      It seemed that the 'All PDF documents in' feature worked fine on my side when the current tab is Start tab. Could you please kindly make a screenshot of the problem and send to us? Please also indicate which version of Foxit Reader you're using. Thank you.


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        i have this problem too. when i click on to "browse the folder", nothing happens. i am changing to adobe reader for this reason. can you help me? if you fix this i will stay with foxit, thats is hundreds of times better than adobe. i'm sending to you a print-screen. for your information i have the last version (i ever had this problem, even at the olde r versions)


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          Hi hlopeslima,

          The image is broken, may I encourage to email it to [email protected]? Please also include which version you're having. Thank you.