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PUP / Malware during install?

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  • PUP / Malware during install?

    I just downloaded the Foxit PDF reader 10.01 from the website, and Windows Defender and Malwarebytes both found PUPs and would not let it install. Any idea what would cause these?

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    Please don't worry, the package is safe, it is a false alert. Would you mind making a screenshot of it and let us know the detailed version number of Malwarebytes so we can contact them for adding into white list, thank you.


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      Attached are the two screenshots. The one is details on the bundle_installer, and the other is showing the name of now a second threat from windows defender that came up after installing the software. I uninstalled and deleted the foxit files, and still Windows Defender says these two threats are there and I am unable to remove them, They don't show up on Malwarebytes or Kaspersky as of now.

      I've used Foxit for a number of years now and was just upgrading from 9 to 10.


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        CJlikesCHAIRS We are very sorry for the trouble. Can you please send an email to our Security Team ([email protected]) with detailed info as below? then Security Team will handle it directly. thanks.
        1.A subject that includes "Security vulnerability".
        2.A complete description of the problem.
        3.An explanation of how you found the problem and how it can be reproduced.
        4.The appropriate URL if that is relevant.
        5.Any relevant system information (e.g. OS version, database, SMTP server, etc).
        6.Version and edition of all the Foxit products involved.
        7.Your contact information including name, phone and email in case we need to contact you to get additional information.