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Stamps are erasable, how can change that?

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  • Stamps are erasable, how can change that?


    I am using the foxit reader version on several systems, Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2012 R2, etc..
    Sometimes I put comments or stamps on documents. Especially the stamps are importand and shouldn´t be erasable, but they are. The same with the comments or additional text.

    Is it possible to finnish the pdf´s so that no one can erase or change my stamps?

    I googled a lot but couldn´t find annything.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards,

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    You can re-print the file with Foxit PDF Reader to save it as new pdf file, then the comments and stamps can not be selected or edited.


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      Hey richell_huan,

      thank you for your answear.

      I know the re-print method, but I thought there is maybe a smarte way for that, because when you work with a lot of PDFs, where you have to put a stamp on and then print it again, that would take a lot of time. Is it possible to do it automatically? Maybe a method, when I move the PDF with the stamp on in a folder, and every 30 minutes the PDFs in this folder got printed again but automatically? Is something like that possible?

      Thank you for your help till now.

      Best regards,


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        djoosten 1. As your initial requirement, it can use Protect method as well. For example, please click "Sign&Certify" button under PROTECT menu>draw a rectangular into pdf> create signature or import signature as your certificate>check option "lock document after signing" and click "sign">finally, the pdf will be protected and comments do not allowed to be changed. Can you please have a try? tks.
        2. Foxit creator component has been removed in the latest version 10 of Foxit Reader since our product marketing have redefined the purposes of Foxit Reader, it is mainly used to view PDF files,so the creating PDFs feature was deleted. If you need, can you please install Foxit PhantomPDF and have a try? it provides 14 days free trial and supports some Protection methods. Download page:
        3. "Print PDF files automatically" is not supported. However, Foxit supports to batch Print. Can you please click "Batch Print" under FILE menu in Foxit PhantomPDF, then select Foxit PhantomPDF Printer to create new copies.
        Hope above helps, tks.
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