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options available for enterprise-like deployment of Foxit Reader for Linux

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  • options available for enterprise-like deployment of Foxit Reader for Linux

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to lock down the configuration for Foxit Reader in Linux? I know about using Group Policy, but that's in Windows.

    Mozilla provides an alternative to Group Policy via JSON files, which is platform-neutral. I've been combing through the KBs and user manuals but could not find any information on that. All I found is that customization and deployment appears to be available on Windows only.

    Can someone confirm if using JSON files or something similar is available? Thanks.

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    Guest Sorry for the inconvenience.Unfortunately, due to human resources limited,Our developers have stopped implementing new feature for Foxit Reader for Linux.So we suggest you choose to run our Foxit Reader for windows desktop. thanks.


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      hi amanda_liang thanks for responding. by "stopped implementing" you mean Foxit for Linux has been discontinued as a product completely or product improvements are just suspended for the mean time but will still be continued?


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        It means that now we do not maintain the current version of Foxit Reader Linux any more and will not add the improvement into the current version.

        Maybe in the feature, we will consider a new version of Linux version.


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          Very unfortunate to hear that, lyndi_wu . In that case, do you know how to delete a forum account here? Since Foxit for Linux is discontinued, I have no use for this forum anymore.


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            Guest ,You could keep your existing account retained on forum,account information has been encrypted by complex algorithms on our Foxit server and we never disclose any account information. If you insist on deleting your account,please help to use your account's associated email address to write a request to [email protected] (Attn. Lisa) and also indicate this thread link when you email to us.
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