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  • Best Data Deletion Tool Available!

    Foxit is the best data deletion tool on the market. I used to give it a bad rap for constantly corrupting files and crashing machines, but I hadn't yet realized its true power. If you have PDF files that you need to keep private Foxit is the answer. Once you open them in Foxit all of the confidential data you need to protect will be scrambled beyond repair. Trust me, no one will be able to access the file again once you use Foxit. No more need for timely disc formatting to wipe your confidential data! Just quickly open what you need deleted with Foxit and your problems will be solved. A++

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    Sorry for the trouble. I think it is bug of Foxit program, would you please help forward to the issue to [email protected] with the pdf file in question for internal test? We will follow up the issue via ticket. Thanks in advance.