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Reader window on Windows 10 slides around

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  • Reader window on Windows 10 slides around

    Recently Foxit Reader has begun to behave badly on Windows 10 (Pro). I've seen this on 9.7 and 10.0. If I do the standard move a window process, grabbing the top bar of the window with the left mouse button down, and start moving it, the window does not move with the mouse, but slides ahead or jumps around. I have trouble positioning it where I want it. It sort of seems like something that an iPhone or other fondleslab toy might do, but it is not how applications on Windows 10 work. I have "snap windows" turned off in the system. Anybody know of a fix, or is this something where the software uses a feature of the Windows API that changed recently? The problem may have begun after a recent Windows Update, something I don't do too often.

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    fredg Sorry for the problem you encountered with Foxit reader. Could you please kindly perform a fresh re-installation as following and try again
    1) Please make sure you've closed all Foxit reader related programs (IE, Firefox...) then go to "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Foxit reader;
    Go to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit -> find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\ Foxit reader 9.0" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\ Foxit reader 9.0" to delete the whole folder of Foxit reader 9.0;
    2) Install the latest version 10.1 of Foxit reader. Please download the installer from the link below:
    Finally, please give the new installation a try and let us know the result. Thanks

    If above does not help, can you please provide make some screenshot pictures or video to show the issue? thanks.


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      I am seeing this same behavior, for a little while. W10 is 20H2 19042.746 and Foxit is Did the problem reported in October get fixed? Thanks.


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        pbajorek ,Since the person who first reported such issue didn't provided with us the requested video information,so we did not further investigate on this problem.Would you please help to send us some screenshots which could demonstrate such issue and it is better if you could help to record a video about this issue?

        Look forward to your reply.