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Creating blank pages/blank PDF files

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  • Creating blank pages/blank PDF files

    is it possible to create a blank PDF or a blank page in the latest version of Foxit Reader? I used to use this feature a lot in March 2020, now it's November and the feature is gone when I desperately need it. Surely, I agreed to update Foxit Reader when it found some updates, but now I'm confused - was this feature completely removed or is it hidden somewhere I cannot find it?

    On my office laptop I have an older version of Foxit Reader and creating blank pages/files is definitely possible there, though I don't know what version it is exactly.

    Any tips on how to create a blank page in the latest Foxit Reader?

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    tomilipin Please note that Foxit creator component has been removed in the latest version 10 of Foxit Reader since our product marketing have redefined the purposes of Foxit Reader, it is mainly used to view PDF files,so the creating PDFs feature was deleted.Hope you can understand.
    Currently, can you please install Foxit PhantomPDF to make operation? it supports to create blank PDF and blank page. thanks.


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      Ok, thanks for your answer


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        I don't know why they removed the button "create a balank pdf ", but it is very simple to make a blank pdf, go to Word, make a (blank) document of a number of pages, and simply save (export) it as pdf. So simple.


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          hrisantonis ,Thanks for your post. The "create blank page" is also a function of the Foxit Creator component.The Foxit creator component has already been removed since Version 10, that is the reason why we cannot find the "create blank page" feature in Foxit Reader V10 and greater versions anymore.