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    We need to keep everything on-prem and are looking to move away from Adobe because they require the cloud for advanced features (signing, editing, etc.).

    We are looking at Foxit to take that place, but we would have to prevent users from using the PhantomPDF option. Is there a way to allow the updates to run but prevent access to the PhantomPDF features?

    Can we block a certain CIDR for the phamtomPDF but allow updates for the reader and signatures?

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    k-rock ,Thanks for your post and I am sorry that I am still not clear about your query yet. Do you want to disable some features in Foxit PhantomPDF,so that your users cannot access those features in Foxit PhantomPDF anymore? If so,you could choose to use our Foxit GPO template or XML Editor or Foxit Customization tool to disable/hide features for Foxit application. For details,you may refer to our Enterprise Administration Guide related articles:
    If I misunderstand what you meant, please help to rephrase what you'd like to do in more details with some illustrated screenshots.

    Look forward to your reply.


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      Depending on what type you want to store information. There are several main ways, it is either on a hard drive or online in the cloud or online hard drives. As a rule, they need additional protection, which can be provided by various services that provide protection through proxy servers. For example, when I opened my website, which was selling goods, I also had the protection of information and intellectual property, as well as monitoring competitors and the trading market. For this purpose, I needed tobuy proxies for price tracking, which gave me all the necessary information. I'm also wondering if there are services that can provide database storage designed for codes.‚Äč
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        RodolfoMata,Based on your description above, it seems that you want to buy proxies, right? If yes, Foxit is not a proxy server provider,so I am afraid that you contacted the wrong person.
        Foxit is a PDF solution provider, please access this page to know more details about Foxit.

        Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.