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URGENT Problem: Please help FOXIt is crashing

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  • URGENT Problem: Please help FOXIt is crashing

    I have these two files. They are the same textbook one of them with my. notes and another copy saved from notes from my friend Elham.

    As you can see, FOXIT opens "Elham" file easily but it crashes after opening "amber's " version.

    They should be similar in how big the file is, but somehow Amber's version is 500,0000 bytes less. That's strange.

    I also have a .alias for all the pdfs on my computer that seem to happen automatically. I had left my laptop screen down but without battery plugged in and when I put in the battery and started it this happened..maybe I should have not restarted the laptop which is what created this problem

    ANY HELP on how to get this PDF to open and work property is appreciated.
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    I also have this . alias files next to all my PDF


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      Thank you for posting here. May I advise you to remove current version manually and install the latest version 4.1 from below link to see if it helps? Thank you.


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        NO IT Din't help. the foxitreader is fine, but somehow the file is the problem


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          Sorry for the trouble. Please help to send us the pdf file which has the issue for further test,if it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to [email protected] with the subject "Lyndi Att".

          Thank you in advance.