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Original PDF File opened twice results in 2 different temp files

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  • Original PDF File opened twice results in 2 different temp files

    Dear Foxit,

    We are currently experiencing the same issue as these 2 posts:

    When a user opens(downloads to usertemp folder) a pdf file from within a network application((multiple are experiencing this issue) with the pdf files located on the network) but for some reason opens the same file again, a 2nd temp file is created, with a very long unique id number, in which they are working. When they add that 2nd file they are now working in, to for example, an e-mail, the 2nd file will be added instead of the original.

    The result is an e-mail named after the 2nd file with the very long unique ID number, which is very annoying for end-users.

    Why does this happen? Why isn't the first TEMP file for the same original file deleted before the 2nd "attempt" one is opened? The same issue is reported in the forum posts at the top of this topic.

    We are currently running version:

    Thanks for any clarification or solution you can present.

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    Regarding the situation you encountered, please follow the link below to upgrade to latest version and let me know if that issue was still exist.
    we received some feedback that anti-virus like Avast may prevent the temp file been deleted automatically after successful saving, please double check.

    If the issue still happened, please provide me some more information to further investigation, also I submitted it to QA team with report ID#QCPHANTOM-23390
    1.what kind of network application you are using now?
    2.Your computer system information
    3.A small video about how does this issue happened and what action did you take while opening or saving.