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Is Foxit Reader safe to use?

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  • Is Foxit Reader safe to use?

    Hello there, I am daily user of Adobe Reader where I add images and words to documents and then upload it to my website. I was scrolling around and I saw an advertisement of Foxit Reader like how it is better than Adobe Reader. I downloaded it but when I was opening it the windows defender removed it saying that it is a virus. I researched about it the things I saw was this is a common issue and another problem is that it doesn't work on different OS. There are times where I am working on both windows and Linux OS at the same time. My question is it really a virus or it's just a bug in the defender and can it simultaneously work on both OS with no problem?

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    Jason Adams
    Did you download FoxitReader101_Setup_Prom_IS.exe from our website? And you received message like blew:Windows Defender Antivirus has detected malware or other potentially unwanted software. For more information please see the following:, it that correct?
    Well, we had received several feedbacks that Windows Defender ATP has detected our installer as malware or unwanted software, and our security team was handling this case as report ID:SECURITY-1179, will inform you with any update. If you still want to try our product, please try another link below: .
    For another question, we are no longer provide product on Linux any more, only for Windows and Mac OS.