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Preview in Windows Explorer totally mixed up

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  • Resolved Preview in Windows Explorer totally mixed up

    Hi there
    Because the Preview Window in Win 10 doesn't work anymore I got the Foxit Reader to solve the Problem.
    But now I have another Problem that the Prieview Window in the Explorer doesn't show a real Preview.
    It shows only a small Part of the Document and the Menu is in the middle of the Doc.
    Is there a solution for this?

    Thanks for your Help

    Click image for larger version

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    Sorry for the trouble. We have some customers got the same issue and fixed by the below workaround, would you please try?

    1. Open Registry
    2. Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\Modules\GlobalSettings\Sizer
    3. Right-click the "Sizer" folder, choose Export, and save this backup anywhere you'd like.
    4. Right-click the "Sizer" folder again, choose Delete and confirm it.
    Restart your computer
    After restart, try dragging the window over to the new display and see if that fixes the problem.

    Microsoft said the solution is to upgrade to the latest build if the steps below don't work.


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      Thanks for your help.
      I tryed this workaround, but it had no effect.
      I'm Working allready with the latest built and made all updates.
      Any other ideas?

      I'm searching since weeks for a generell solution to have my pdf's in the preview-Window of the explorer.
      I have Acrobat professionell installed and tryed with Acrobat-Reader, Foxit, and many fixes around them, but there is only the text: there is no prieview for this data.
      I installed and deinstalled and made everything new, but nothing fixed it...
      Foxit makes a "preview" but the problem is ... see above.


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        WernerHo Can you please refer to this page then follow instructions to see result?
        Besides, what's version of Foxit reader installed?


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          Thanks for your effort, but unfortunately there is no change, Problem is still the same
          I think, it is like it allways is: If I have a Problem that I can't solve for myself at the end there is the sentence from all others: Oh whats that, we never heard about this...

          I believe that the Problem is a Windows-Problem, because the "normal" Preview doesn't work with any Software I tried out, only Foxit shows a part of the document

          Okay, my Version of the Reader is on Win 10, 64b build 19042.685

          Merry Christmas to all of you and stay healthy!!!
          Season Greetings from Hamburg / Germany


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            Uhps - Yeah?
            I got it to work now.
            I got the newest driver for my Graphic-Card and now it works (will see how long...)
            Thanks to all of you who tryed to help!!


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              Thank you for the update. So it will be closed.


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                O.m.G. A view days it worked, but now I have the same Problem as before...


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                  WernerHo sorry to hear that. 1. As your mentioned above, newest driver for your Graphic-Card solve the issue. Can you please provide detailed info of it for reference?
                  2. Did the issue occurred to any documents? including Word document, Excel document and jpg? if yes, that shuold be Windows Explorer Preview issue, can you please contact Support of Microsoft and ask for help? thanks.


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                    Hi Amanda
                    Thanks for the quick reaction!!
                    My Graphiccard is an NVidia GeForce GT710 with the Driver-Version - Release Date 11.12.2020
                    The Problem is only a .pdf-Problem, all other Previews are correct (Word, Excel, jpg, gif, bmp....)

                    When I start a Googlesearch there are more People with this issue, some of them solved it with Foxit, but there are other where the Problem is unsolvable...

                    All the best for 2021, it only can be better than 2020


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                      WernerHo ,Thanks for your response.Please help to try the instructions mentioned in the following article to see if it helps:
                      If the instruction in the article is still to no avail,please help to provide with us the following information:
                      1:Your OS version and build number.You may find Windows version or build number using winver command which is the quickest way.
                      To do this first you need to press “win + r” from the keyboard.
                      Alternatively, just press the windows key form your keyboard and type “winver” and then select winver from the search result.
                      The run command will be open where you type the name of a program, folder, document or internet resource and Windows will open it for you. Here type “winver” and click on Ok.
                      When you click the OK button from run command, About Windows popup will appear.
                      Here you will find your installed Windows 10 version, OS build and Windows 10 edition.
                      2: Do you use multiple monitors on your part? If yes,please let us know which display mode you set? "Duplicate" "extend" "Disable first monitor" or any other mode?
                      3: Do you use our Foxit Reader or Foxit PhantomPDF? Please go to "Help"tab in Foxit Software,click on "About Foxit Software" to check its version number.
                      4:Please hep to use the licecap tool to generate an animated gif that shows your whole process:

                      (Unzip it, then double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)

                      Look forward to your reply.


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                        Hi Lisa
                        I'm really sorry to cause so many problems...

                        1:Your OS version and build number.:
                        As written in #5: "Okay, my Version of the Reader is on Win 10, 64b build 19042.685"

                        2: Do you use multiple monitors on your part?
                        Yes and that's possibly the problem. I have one monitor with 3840x2160 with a scaling of 150% and a second one with 2048x1152 with 100%.
                        If I change the settings and use only the first display the preview works, even if I change it back.... ??
                        I guess it will be mixed up again after restart.
                        I could have thougt of that before...

                        So I know the Problem now even if there is probably no 100% solution.

                        Thank you all for your effort
                        best regards


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                          WernerHo The issue was reported to QA team for checking by ID#QCPHANTOM-4449, any updates will inform you. Sorry again for the inconvenience.