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  • Background color BEHIND document

    I have a blue color behind the pdf document (see attachment), is there a way to change it to dark grey or a custom color?
    Also is there a way to change to bright orange an the top left "file" button? Via registry value or changing a png oder hex value in the exe or an dll file?
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    weltraumeule Firstly, to change background of PDF is edit feature and Foxit reader does not support it. Can you please install Foxit PhantomPDF and have a try on Edit/Organize features? Also, you can send the PDF file to us for checking then we can give you better advise. please send it via [email protected]
    For color of "File" button, it cannot be changed, may I know detailed of your requirement and user scenario? then I can forward it to DEV team for checking, thanks.


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      oh no, I don't want to change background of a PDF. The blue background in the screenshot 1 is the background of Foxit Reader on my account. Every PDF open with Foxit Reader has this background In Adobe Reader (Screenshot 2), the background is dark grey. I also tested another account on my system and there, with Foxit Reader the background appears gray as it should be(Screenshot 3).
      So it seems, that there is some setting on my main account that let's the Background became blue. I checked all my color setting sand did't find any blue color settings.
      Could you please forward to the DEV team, maybe they know on which setting, file or registry key in windows the background color depends, so that I could change it to the default dark grey (or a custom one).

      About the second topic, the orange "file" button. The orange is very strong and does not fit with the four different skins. I think it would be better, if this button would be skinable in the XML-Files of the skins too and so would change its color depending on the chosen skin.

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        weltraumeule Thanks for your explaination.
        For background, can you please provide below information for checking? tks.
        1. From attached screenshot pictures, the document's color shows difference in Foxit reader by your different account. One is yellow, the other is white. Can you please send the document to us for checking?
        2. May I know what's version of Foxit reader installed? is the latest version 10.1.1?
        3. What's OS of your PC?
        4. Can you please make screenshot picture of Preference>Accessibility, Windows Settings>High contrast to us for checking? attached pictures for reference.

        For "File" button color, your requirement was submitted to DEV team for checking by ID#PHANTOM-7652, any updates will inform you, thanks.
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