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Update removed pinned directories and documents

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  • Update removed pinned directories and documents

    I had saved a bunch of directories/locations and individual documents as "pinned" in the respective pages.
    I updated Foxit Reader this morning, and come to find that those saved pins are now gone.
    Considering that i had probably about 15-20 locations and another 10-15 individual documents outside of those areas pinned, that becomes extra effort for me to set everything back up.
    Is this normal behavior on an update? If so, I may consider going back to my free version of Nitro or *shudder* Acrobat Reader.

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    [email protected] ,Sorry for any hassle and inconvenience.For the pinned directories and documents? Do you mean that pinned documents in task bar (refer to attached screenshot:11.png) or the pinned files and folders within the Foxit Reader application (refer to attached screenshot:22.png)?
    If the answer is the former,it has been submitted as a bug to our internal bug tracking system with report ID#QCPHANTOM-20079.Once we get any updates about this issue,we will inform you again.

    If the answer is the latter,the pinned files and folders should be retained when you do minor update (not major upgrade) for Foxit Reader (For example,update from Version 10.0 to Version 10.1) if you choose not to remove all related registry and data in the uninstallation wizard of uninstalling the old version.But the pinned files and folders would got lost if you do major upgrade for Foxit Reader (For example, from Version 9 to V10). As a temporary workaround,to make the new major version to be able to inherit the pinned files and folders from the old version,please choose to export the registry entries which have the pinned folders and pinned files saved into a .reg file firstly before you upgrade to a newer version ,then choose to import the values in the .reg file into your system registry editor after you having upgraded to major upgrade version. Followings are the detailed instructions(Taking upgrade from V9 to V10 as an example):
    A: Go to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit -> find "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 9.0\MRU",please right click on the "MRU" folder and select "Export" to export the registry value into a .reg format file,name it to V9.reg.
    B:Please upgrade from V9 to V10,then open V9.reg file with notepad,change all of the texts "Foxit Reader 9.0" into "Foxit Reader 10.0" there manually,then save the changes and close the document.
    D:Please double click on the V9.reg file to import all of its value into system registry editor again.
    Concerning the situation that pinned files and folders within Foxit Reader won't be retained when do major upgrade in Foxit Reader,I have also submitted the suggestion "Support to retain pinned files and folders within Foxit Reader when do major upgrade version" as a new feature request to our product management team's further consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15232.

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      Thank you for your response.
      It was the latter, and this was done with the last update I received. I'm not sure what the original version was off the top of my head, but that does explain a lot.
      Thanks for putting that feature request to the PMT.