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Can't save a PDF from Browsers

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  • Can't save a PDF from Browsers

    I just built a new computer, and I can not save a PDF from a website like I could before. Before if a website loaded a PDF, I could hover the mouse pointer on the black bar below the browser bars at the top of the screen, and options to print, or download the current PDF would popup. Now the only option is to resize, or social media share. I currently use Chrome browser, but the same non-existing options are the same in Firefox and Edge as well, so I believe it is a Windows problem. All default settings in Windows for PDF files are set to Foxit reader. I have tried changing the setting in Chrome to download a PDF instead of opening it, and that would download the file as a eCatalogViewer.html file, not a PDF. I installed the Foxit "Open in Foxit Reader" Extension, but when I right click to do just that, it will still download as a eCatalogViewer.html file, then Foxit Reader would popup an error that it can't read this file, or it is corrupt.

    Can someone please help me get the setting back to the way they were before, or at very least tell me how to download a PDF file as a PDF file. Thanks.

    Windows 10 Home: Build 9042.685
    Foxit reader: Version:
    Chrome Browser: Version 87.0.4280.141

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    we had removed Foxit reader printer which is a tool for saving and conversion since version 10, without Foxit reader printer installed, you are unable to save file from elsewhere to PDF.
    Reader printer will not be added back in the further, so I suggest you downgrade to V9 if needed, here is a link:


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      I downgraded and it still didn't function as it use to.
      I would like to know how I can download a pdf file from a website, that has a link to download a pdf file. I don't want to open it in the browser because I much rather view it in Foxit Reader. Also if I view it in the browser I can not save it as a pdf. Right clicking only allows me to save it as the useless eCatalogViewer.html format. Thanks


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        Few things need to be confirmed first: 1.Open your Reader and any PDF file, try to print it out, and at the dialog page of the print setting, make sure you able to see Foxit reader Printer option. see attached 1. If not, please follow the link to install Reader printer below:
        2.Go to IE, click on Tools at the top right corner, and select Manage add-ons, at the page of Manage add-ons, find out Foxit Reader create PDF toolbar, and enable it, a Convert tool will show on your IE toolbar. see attached 2
        3.Right click on the page you need to save to PDF, you should see an option convert to PDF instead of print, try to save page here as well.
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          I installed the Foxit printer, and confirmed it is there, but I couldn't do the second part because I use chrome(sometimes firefox and edge.) not IE.
          Here is my dilemma. Here is a link for a sink at homedepot, with a pdf link. I would like to download the pdf as a pdf, and not open it is chrome browser. If I right click on the first pdf link under manual, I can save link as, but the only option is eCatalogViewer.html. If I left click the file opens in my browser. If I try to print it to paper or pdf, it will basically only print a screenshot and not the entire document.

          I will try to look at my old computer in the next few days to see version numbers, because it work fine on it. And I kept my software all up to date, and stopped using the computer less than 2 weeks ago.


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            The reason why I test on IE was now Chrome and Firefox had been removed Foxit add-ins from extension shelves, we are trying to recover it back now, which means the Foxit add-on was only available on IE. So the only way to print a web page is to right-click and tap print, choose Foxit Reader PDF printer as destination (see attached 1), also, please open Foxit Reader, go to File->Preferences->File Association, click on Make default PDF viewer before you print a webpage.
            It said "Access denied" when I open
            Actually, I cannot find any download port from, so the file you printed from it was just a screenshot instead of a whole file, it makes sense.
            Because normally we need to click on a download button to get files not print to save.
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