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Issue : Highlight Hyperlinks Text in file

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  • Issue : Highlight Hyperlinks Text in file

    Hi, TeamFoxit
    I hope all is well, iam having a little issue with foxit reader for PC (Win 10)
    As mentioned in the title i can't find/activate this option in the program.
    This issue is bothering me cause, when i scroll contents list of a book on the pc i don't see hyperlinks to titles highlighted, but when i use foxit for phone the hyperlink text is normally highlighted

    Hopefully to solve my issue.

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    AmmanA ´╝îThanks for contacting Foxit Support.In Foxit Mobile application,it provides a "Highlight Links" option for user's choice to display the texts with hyperlink included in highlighted color. However,Foxit Reader for windows desktop and Foxit PhantomPDF for windows desktop still don't have such option yet,that is the reason why the hyperlinks cannot be displayed highlighted there. Regarding the above mentioned situation,I have submitted the suggestion "Add a"Highlight links" option in Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF for windows desktop like Foxit Mobile application does" as a new feature request to our Foxit PhantomPDF/Reader product team's consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15244.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.


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      Thank you Lisa_lee ?, i hope you keep me updated regarding the required feature when added.
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