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Middle click Linux behavior

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  • Middle click Linux behavior

    I have been using Foxit on Linux for a while, and I realised that the middle click (wheel click) and drag des not move the PDF. This is the usual behavior on all the pdf viewers I've used so far, so I was wondering if there's something wrong with my configuration or it's just that foxit does not work this way. If so, is there any specific reason why? The middle mouse click doesn't seem to do anything at all.


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    cgc ,We apologize for the inconvenience.Unfortunately, due to human resources limited,our developers have stopped fixing issues and developing new features for Foxit Reader for Linux. We will suggest our product management team to produce a brand-new version of Foxit Reader for Linux which will be based on our existing Foxit Reader for windows desktop to be a substitute version of current one.

    Currently,we suggest you try out our Foxit Reader for windows desktop if you have other device which run windows OS(windows 7,windows8 or windows 10). Please download it from our official download center below:

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.


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      Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for the reply! I know many companies usually have Linux as not an option, but for work reasons I can only use Linux at the moment, and I believe Foxit is the best reader for annotating pdfs both with side notes, highlighting and free-hand, so I'd love to see it further developed!

      On another note, I still don't know if Foxit for windows has the middle click drag option or not, or whether the Linux version has it and its an issue of my computer?


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        cgc ,Thanks for your response. Current version of Foxit Reader for Linux still doesn't support the middle click Linux behavior like other applications in Linux do. Actually,we have reported such feature to our internal feature system before ,its suggestion ID is#MACLNX-1766.However, this feature was not implemented after our product Marketing Department decided not to release further Linux versions.
        And Foxit Reader for windows desktop also doesn't have the middle click drag option since this is a feature only belongs to GUI programs in Linux environment, applications in windows platform don't have such function.