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1 page pdf, Fit Width - It won't Scroll - 2 pages or more, it will

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  • 1 page pdf, Fit Width - It won't Scroll - 2 pages or more, it will

    I'm using Foxit Reader free, version

    I'm viewing a 1 page pdf, Fit Width - and it won't Scroll down

    My Default page layout is: Continuous - and this is greyed out in the bottom right - with 2 pages or more, it's available

    When I drag the vertical bar down, why doesn't it scroll down the 1 page, like it does if it's 2 pages, or more?

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    Hi Sludge705x,

    Continuous mode is enabled when there are more than 2 pages. When viewing a 1-page PDF (fit width) without the page content going beyond the Reader user interface, it won't scroll down, 'cause the whole page is in front of you. Hope info above helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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      I have a 23" monitor . . . a one-page PDF (fit width) is not entirely on the screen, only probably 1/3 of it is . . . would be nice if you could put it on Continuous (like PDFs with more than one page), and be able to drag it down smoothly


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        Hi Sludge,

        May I get a screenshot that shows how the one-page PDF (fit width) is displayed on your side? Thank you.


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          I can explain it better . . . if you take an 8.5 x 14 pdf, one page, viewing screen width, so only 1/3 of it is shown at a time . . . the continuous option is greyed out (reason given above).

          With the vertical bar on the right, you can simulate scrolling by using the arrows - up and down.

          What I'm getting at is that you can't drag the vertical slider bar up and down, so that it scrolls. It only lets you be at the top, or the bottom.


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            Hi Sludge,

            I got what you meant, it is normal when viewing in single page mode. In this case, I normally use mouse wheel to scroll.