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  • Feature Working with forms and drop down lists

    It would be nice if when using forms in foxit, the drop down list arrow button would be larger ( like it is in Reader ). The button is very hard to select because it is so skinny. It would also be nice if you could use the arrow keys to navigate quicker in the drop down list ( like foxit does with a list box ), and it was context sensitive, so that you could get to your choice quicker.

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    Hello ru73,

    1. What do you mean "like it is in Reader"? What application you are talking about?

    2. It supports up/down arrow keys to navigate. What actually do you hope to improve?



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      1. Adobe Reader. See screenshot. I created the forms in Adobe Lifecycle Designer.
      Click image for larger version

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      2. The navigation in Adobe Reader is context sensitive, and that makes it much easier to navigate through a drop down list with 30 items. Adobe Reader allows you to enter the a character, and you navigate to the first occurrence in the drop down list of that character. Foxit Reader doesn't do that. Adobe also allows you to use the arrow keys to navigate in a drop down list. The trouble with the Foxit drop down list is that the drop down arrow is so narrow, it is hard to scroll in the list.

      There are other things that Foxit doesn't support in forms - a lot of the formatting or justifying of characters is not supported. Adobe gives you a lot of different options, so it is hard to maintain the same look in both Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader. Adobe also has a date function that pops up a calendar.

      Having said all of this, I want to ad that Foxit Reader does a good job of opening the files faster than Adobe Reader, and it also allows you save the form. Adobe Reader does not allow you to do that.