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    Good morning,

    yesterday I uninstall version 9.x and install the latest Foxit Reader.

    But now I have the problem, that my many shortcut keys are away. Where is the location for the keys? Maybe I can save it out from a backup.

    Many thanks.

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    c.funk . Thanks for contacting Foxit Support. For updating to a minor update version (E.g.from version 10.0 to version 10.1),if you choose to not remove all related registry and data during uninstalling old version,then the customized shortcut keys will be retained automatically in new version.
    For upgrading to a major upgrade version (E.g. from version 9 to Version 10),the customized shortcuts keys won't be retained in newer version. Regarding this situation,I have submitted the suggestion "Support to Export/Import settings, including keyboard shortcuts, quick access toolbar" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-4366.

    For your current workaround,please do the following to save the customized shortcuts keys to a major upgrade version(Taking upgrade from V9 to V10 as an example):
    1:The customized shortcut keys are stored in the following registry entries:
    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader X.0\Ribbon\RibbonAccelerator
    Before you upgrade to a major upgrade version,please choose to export the above mentioned registry entries by going to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit -> find "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 9.0\Ribbon\RibbonAccelerator",please right click on the "RibbonAccelerator" folder,select "Export" to export the RibbonAccelerator registry entries into a .reg format file for us,please name the file A.reg and close your system registry editor.
    2:Please upgrade your Foxit Reader to version 10.
    3:Please open A.reg file in your notepad application,change the text string "Foxit Reader 9.0" into "Foxit Reader 10.0" in the document and save it.
    4:Please close your Foxit Reader 10.0 if you have it opened ,double click on the modified A.reg file to import all of its values into registry editor again.
    Finally,please reopen your Foxit Reader and you will find that all of the shortcut keys that you have created in V9 will be imported into the newly installed version.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.

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