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Is there a way to change the name of the author in pop up note

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  • Is there a way to change the name of the author in pop up note

    I didn't realize you can change the name beforehand so after I highlighted a bunch, now I'm going back and right clicking on all the highlights one by one to change the author name.

    Is there a way to change the name all at once by automation instead of one by one?

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    Let me clarify some factors that affect the author name for newly added annotations first.
    1.The author name that you have changed for an existing comment and set it as default.
    2.The first name and last name that you have set in your Foxit account profile.
    3.The settings under File> Preferences> Identity in Foxit Reader.
    The priority order is 1>2>3
    Then you can try to edit all automation in the left side panel. Open the Comments section then hold "Ctrl" and select which you need to change the author name and right click, change the author name under General tab in the pop-up Highlight Properties. You will find all highlight comment names have been changed. Click Here for my attachment.


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      CTRL didn't do anything to select multiple comments. I clicked on the comment, the checkbox showed, so I began to check many comments and then right clicked but there was no "Properties" to go into, to change the author name.

      I'm using Mac btw, version


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        I didn't realize that you're having a Mac Reader, my bad. Would you mind update to the latest version 4.1.3 from the link below first?
        Also, let me confirm that if we had or we were planning to add this feature to MAC version, I will back to you soon, thanks.