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interactive form data goes invisible

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  • interactive form data goes invisible

    I filled out a PDF character sheet for a game of dark heresy but after saving and opening it up a lot of the fields are empty and only display what I put in them if I click on the field
    also some fields do not let me alter what I originally put in and instead seem to only let me overwrite what I put in

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    Hi Heero yuy79,

    Could you please kindly send a copy of the mentioned PDF document and indicate how to replicate the issue and let us know the version info of your current Foxit Reader for processing? Thank you.


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      I too have noticed this VERY annoying problem... and not just in Foxit reader, but also in Nitro reader & Adobe reader. I fill in many fields in a form, saving frequently, but if I navigate up or down or to another open form, when I return to where I was ALL fields are showing blank/empty. Even closing the form and re-opening it doesn't show all the data I have entered. Could this be a flaw in the pdf format because as I said I have noticed this behavior in 3 different pdf readers? Makes filling in tax forms very difficult.


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        since the edit link doesn't work properly I am adding this to my original post... I have determined that fed. tax form is ok. problem is with state tax form. Guess I'll fill in by hand and snail mail it.