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Highlighting creates strange boxes

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  • Highlighting creates strange boxes


    When I highlight some text in a PDF, a (to my eyes) strange box is created towards the right border of the PDF. It is in fact invisible, but occasionally, I will click on it. Pressing backspace deletes the box. But sometimes I made a lot of highlights (or underlines) and then I have to delete something like 5 boxes (I think it is one box per highlight) before I can even select some text that lies behind these boxes.

    I'd be very thankful for any help on that issue.

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    mthjzm May I have a screenshot to see the 'strange box'?


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      Originally posted by Doris Wang View Post
      mthjzm May I have a screenshot to see the 'strange box'?
      Doris Wang Sure. Here a screenshot of the strange box. the one with red lines that has a box with grey dotted lines in it.


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        mthjzm ,Thanks for sending us the screenshot.I am sorry that I cannot replicate such issue you mentioned on our part. Do you use the latest version 11 of Foxit Reader for MAC on your part? If not,please help to install the latest version 11 by downloading it from the link below:

        If the issue still persists,please help to confirm this issue only happens to some particular PDF files or all PDF files?Please help to send us one original PDF file and the problematic PDF file with highlights you have added. And please also give us your OS information.

        Look forward to your reply.
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          Lisa_lee Even though I did have the latest foxit reader, I reinstalled with the file you linked and now everything is fine. Thanks!
          In case that is relevant/of help: I have macOS Big Sur on a M1 MacBook Air. And it happened with every PDF where highlights can be made. I would now guess that this problem had something to do with me switching from my old, 2013 MacBookAir to my new M1 MacBook Air, while transferring all the data from the old to the new one, including FoxitReader.


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            mthjzm ,Thanks for informing us the result. Yes, reinstallation would help to address some unexpected issues.
            If there is still any problem, please don't hesitate to let us know.