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Night mode... Isn't.

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  • Feedback Night mode... Isn't.

    I clicked on View > night mode and the document colors flipped but not the UI. Sorry but 60% of the screen being white and light grey is NOT night mode.
    Also concerned that skins seem to have been removed from the free version - a simple UI dark/night mode is an important usability element, not something to dangle in front of us for money.

    Many thanks.

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    Currently, the nigh mode only works for the texts, and I will report it to my team for future evaluation, report id:PHANTOM-15696, hope it will be improved in future.
    The skin has been removed in new version 11, it has been reported to our PM team for future evaluation, report id:PHANTOM-15673, hope it will be brought back in future.
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      Ok Thanks for help