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  • Foxit Reader Title Bar Color

    I finally got too tired of Adobe Acrobat DC so downloaded and installed Foxit PDF Reader from Portable Apps. It solved several problems with Adobe I've been having but the title bar of the Foxit application window is orange, it's not displaying my default Windows 10 color scheme for all windows. I can't seem to find where to set the Foxit application window's color to that of my defined Windows 10 accent color for title bars and window borders. I can't read the text in the orange title bar.

    All references to color seem to be for the document (e.g. Document Color Options). These options seem to have no affect on the Foxit application title bar color. Any ideas? Thanks,

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    BPaul_H ,The color title bar is related to the skin color of our Foxit PDF Reader. Currently, the default and only skin color we provide in Foxit PDF Reader V11 is orange, so the color of the title bar is also orange.
    Concerning the above-mentioned situation, we have submitted the suggestion "Provide multiple skins for users' choice" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15673. Once we provide more skins in Foxit PDF Reader, then you will be able to choose another skin you like in Foxit PDF Reader so that the color of the title bar corresponding to the Foxit PDF Reader will be the same as the newly selected skin color.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.
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      Very much agree with BPaul_H regarding the Title Bar color in Foxit Reader 11. When the focus moves from Foxit Reader to another app the contrast (or lack thereof) between the name of the open document on the Title Bar and the Title Bar itself makes it almost impossible to read the document name on the Title Bar.

      The other issue that I believe that needs addressing is the size of the Search box on the ribbon which seems to be a lot smaller than previously, meaning that only a limited number of characters visible from a search term. In addition the forward/backward search buttons seem to be less visible as well, due again to insufficient shading contrast. I know that I can open the Advanced Search tab to display a larger search box assuming I want to have that pane on the screen.




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        fwg 1. For color skin of Foxit PDF Reader, I've submitted your feedback to DEV team for checking by ID#PHANTOM-15673.
        2. For seach box is smaller than previous version of Foxit, it was submitted to DEV team for checking by ID#PHANTOM-15765, any update will inform you. Thanks.


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          Oh my... Can we hear the grumbles coming from your DEV team now? :-)


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            Currently the team is re-designing the feature. We will add more color/skin in future update.


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              I might point out one other thing I noticed... When the Foxit window is open in Windows, one should be able to expand the height of the Foxit window to go from the top to the bottom of the screen keeping the width the same, by moving the mouse to the top of the window so that the pointer becomes a double vertical arrow (pointing both directions preparing for a window resize) then by double-clicking. Foxit is the first Windows application I've used that doesn't respond properly to this user action.


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                Please check my video from attachments, there is no issue to resize the Foxit window on my side, but I found that If I test it with version 48310, the mouse would not become a double vertical arrow as you said, so please try to update Foxit reader to V11.0.0.49893 to see if this issue still persists. Below is the link:
                Attached Files


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                  Thanks Roy. I looked and I am updated to the latest Foxit release. I found what you did on the mouse (it won't become a double vertical arrow), but on my Windows 10 machine I move the Fox window down an inch, do then get the double-vertical arrow, but when I double-click when the arrow is double-vertical Foxit doesn't resize vertically to consume the height of my monitor. All other Windows software I use works correctly (I guess it's correct) but my Foxit doesn't. :-(


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                    I discovered when I ran Foxit Reader yesterday that it had updated from 10.whatever to 11 and I was suddenly presented with this strange new UI.

                    I'm old and have sight problems, so a bright orange Title bar with white text is almost impossible to see... And as my QAT is in the Title bar, that ATM is unusable because of the lack of contrast.

                    So the simple question... When will we get the alt Skins returned to Foxit Reader?

                    Is there a config that'll change the White text to Black in the Title bar?


                    Afterthought: If it's going to be a long time coming, is there a place I can manually download the10.whatever version and install that as a temporary measure?

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                      Sorry for the inconvenience. We will bring back dark mode in next release, please keep an eye on it.


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                        The old prior versions Black skin has a rather jarring contrast when used for any length of time, so I generally preferred the Classic skin as having enough contrast but somewhat easier on the old eyes.

                        I guess you are not allowed by the ********* to use a black skinning on an app these days, so have to have a dark mode instead. :-(



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                          arturox , Regarding the situation"bright orange Title bar with white text is almost impossible to see",I have submitted the suggestion "Redesign more appropriate colors for background and texts in title bar" to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15786. And we are going to add Dark Mode back in version 11.1, which expected to be ready at the end of this year if everything goes as scheduled.
                          To downgrade your Foxit Reader to Version 10,please click here to download it.

                          The black mode we will provide in the next version will be similar to the black skin we see in the V10 version, as shown below:
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Thank you so much for the reply and importantly the link to download Version:

                            After removing the version 11 install, then doing the new install, I'm back in happy land.

                            As previously noted I don't use the Black/Dark theme as it's a bit harsh, but as before noted, I'm okay with the "Classic" theme as seen in your above illustration, so I hope that gets included in the future Skin set.

                            Much appreciated. 🙂


                            Nb: Obviously for the time being I have updates switched off. 😉
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                              arturox ,Thanks for your response. According to your request,I have submitted the suggestion "Add back Classic skin back" to our product management team with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15791.

                              Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again.