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Comment Tab Disabled - No Comments, Typewriter, Shapes, etc.

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  • Comment Tab Disabled - No Comments, Typewriter, Shapes, etc.

    Running Win 7 x64 and Foxit 6.1.4. I mainly use this for reading material. I appreciate being able to add my own comments as I read.

    Some documents will not allow anything from the Comments tab: highlighting, typewriting, text, shapes, etc. These documents are for a certification I am taking. The previous module didn't allow comments today, but did yesterday.

    I had v. 6.1.2 earlier, and did the recommended fix of changing from ribbon to the old toolbar mode. That made the first module accept Comments, but the second one still is not allowing them. I have uninstalled v. 6.1.2, and installed 6.1.4. Still have the same issue.

    Please help. Thank you.

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    Ok, I have no idea what happened, but the problem is resolved. I did download some other PDF viewers so that I could do my work. On of them inadvertently made itself the default pdf viewer. When I opened Foxit a couple minutes ago, it asked if I wanted it to be the default pdf. I clicked yes, and now everything is working as it should. Go figure.


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      Ok, now the comments are working fine, but now the text select is selecting about 2 1/2" of the page. When I click highlight, it will cover then entire 2 1/2 in tall selection with yellow. What is going on? I have restarted as well. Is it possible my machine is possessed by a demon?


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        Hi Ninpodeshi,

        This issue should be related to particular documents. Could you please kindly provide a copy of the mentioned PDF document and a screenshot of the problem for further processing? If it is inconvenient to upload the file here, you may email it to [email protected] directly. Thank you.