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Automatically collapse bookmarks on startup

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  • Automatically collapse bookmarks on startup

    Foxit reader is great. It could be even greater!

    Every time I open PDF manuals, all bookmarks are expanded and especially if there are a lot of bookmarks, the list can be very long. I know you can right-click on any bookmark and then collapse all. But I realize that I end up doing that almost every time I open a PDF manual. Is there a way to make Foxit Reader open my PDF's with the bookmarks collapsed by default? If not, may I suggest that as a new feature/setting in Foxit Reader's settings?


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    albershans,There is still not any way to make Foxit PDF Reader open all PDF files with the bookmarks collapsed by default. This request you mentioned has been submitted as a new feature to our Product Management team already with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-15916, so that it may be considered in future versions.

    For your current workaround,please choose to set bookmarks in collapsed status in those PDF manuals that you mentioned one by one by doing the follows:
    1:Open PDF file in Foxit PDF Reader,please collapse all of its bookmarks in the bookmark panel.
    2:Add any change into PDF file(such as choose to use the Area Highlight tool under Comment tab to add highlight an area in PDF page) ,then click "File">"Save" to save changes, the bookmarks status you have set in bookmark panel will also be saved into the document itself.