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Can't read the name of the document (please check inside)

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  • Can't read the name of the document (please check inside)

    So, I just updated to the new version. It looks nice and all but since I'm using multiple monitors I cannot see the name of the document when I'm working on the 2nd monitor. When I click outside the Foxit window the name at the top almost vanishes (picture attached). Also, can we move the page counter (?) back to the middle of the status bar?

    Hmm. Looks like I cannot attach pictures
    Here's the link

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    PhantomUser Can you please provide click here to submit a ticket to us and enclose detailed info for checking? such as, OS info of your PC, version number of Foxit PDF Reader, sample file, screenshot picture (link is not working and unable to open properly.) thanks.


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      Foxit Ticket #117061

      When I click on the link you provided it asks me to log in again - but the user ID I'm using there does not work. I submitted a ticket via email

      Edition Windows 10 Pro
      Version 20H2
      OS build 19042.1110

      Foxit PDF Reader

      I still cannot attach a picture here. Can't upload as an attachment or from the URL. But the link I provided earlier works for me.


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        Thanks for your report, Amanda will take over your support ticket, appreciate it.


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          I noticed the same thing. Any time the Foxit window does NOT have focus, the window title bar with file name is grey and difficult to read. This is presumably because the window colours do not fully follow the system colour scheme and the title bar stays orange. I don't mind the orange theme, but probably the title bar should change to a neutral "un-highlighted" colour when focus is lost.

          Foxit Reader on Windows 10 21H1


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            PhantomUser Thanks and I will follow your ticket#117061 and reply to you at soon.