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    Grant837, We apologize for the trouble. Did you already upgrade to our latest version 11.1.6 of Foxit PDF Editor Mobile for Andorid/ios? If not,please help to update it to the latest version see how it will go?
    For this situation that "I can not see the directories yet in the Windows version, also after the 'OpenFile' update.", please help to give our internal version 11.1 of Foxit PDF Editor a try to see if it helps? I have sent you the internal version 11.1 of Foxit PDF Editor for windows desktop in ticket #116170.

    For the issue that "Can not successfully save any edits [of large files] from one drive on Foxit PDF Editor Mobile",our QA team said that Foxit PDF Editor Mobile for ios does have a size limit for files saved to onedrive cloud,the maximum allowed size is 4MB. Though it has a size limitation, but it should not corrupt PDF itself. So for the issue that your onedrive PDF file got corrupted after tried to save it in Foxit PDF Editor for ios,this is not normal and I have submitted it a bug to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with the report ID#MOB-5316. However, we still need your help to provide with us the following information:
    1:The file size of the original document that is to be edited and saved. Did it already exceed 4MB before editing?
    2:Please send us one of the original PDF file and the corrupted PDF file.
    3:You said that you got corrupted message when ou tried to open the PDF file from recents.How about if you try to open the same PDF file by accessing it from onedrive folder again within Foxit PDF Editor for iOS´╝č

    And actually, we don't set file size limitation for saving PDF files to onedrive in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile for Android,but you said that "on Android, the edited version is not to be found on OneDrive Cloud (the earlier version is there), ditto if I open via the 'recent'' list.".For this situation you mentioned ,do you mean that you got a message the edited version is not to be found on onedrive cloud when you tried to save the edited onedrive PDF file in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile for Android? If not,please help to describe the issue in more detail with some illustrated screenshots.

    Look forward to your reply.
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