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FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService running after uninstall.

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  • Bug FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService running after uninstall.

    So, I have uninstalled Foxit Reader for a couple of days now and today I checked the Activity Monitor on my Mac and noticed that "FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService" was running. I have noticed this many times even after I force quit. What is this?

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    kidderlalo Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue was reported to QA team for checking by ID#MACLNX-10568, any update will inform you. thanks.


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      Hi, has there been any updates on this?


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        kidderlalo ,This issue you reported has been escalated by our QA team to our Dev team already, we also have set priority for this case to treat it as an important one. Once there is any new progress or workaround about this case from our Dev team, we will get back to you again.


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          kidderlalo ,Regarding the issue "FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService running after uninstall" you reported in this ticket,the root cause of this issue is that the "FoxitPDFReadeRupdateServic" this FoxitService related file was not deleted when the Foxit PDF Reader for mac was removed.
          For why the "FoxitPDFReadeRupdateServic" file cannot be removed after we having uninstalled Foxit PDF Reader for MAC,I submitted it to our internal bug tracking system for QA and Dev team to further work on it,its report ID is#MACLNX-10685.

          To delete the residual "FoxitPDFReadeRupdateServic" file ,please do the following:
          1:Open Finder.
          2:Press "Command+Shift+G" to access to the following directory:
          /Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/FoxitService
          3:Please rename the file "FoxitPDFReadeRupdateServic" there manually.
          4:Please open your system Activity Monitor to find the "FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService" process there, please choose to quit this process.
          5:Then please navigate to the following directory again to delete the "FoxitPDFReadeRupdateServic" file:
          /Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/FoxitService

          Any further questions or concerns, please contact us again at any time.